Getting old sucks.

One moment your alive and the next you’re; shrinking, taking far less space from the world than you did before. My grandparents are on a one way trip to the highest floor in the building and it makes for one shitty goodbye. Any day now, thought everyone.

I’m losing interest in a livelihood where ideas are chained to suffocate and generosity is exploited.  When the time is right, i’ll disappear.

I’ve been preparing for this my entire life. When all is said and done, your the same size as everyone else. If this is where i want to be then it is only here that i have to let myself go. If they are the right people, then it is only them i deserve. And as i wait, in hopes of a second chance- it is becoming clear to me that i don’t really need one. I’m….free!

Come to think of it, i’m getting older too but for me, it just got much more interesting. Yes.