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Twenty Part 1

So, as part of a routine exercise on the Guilty Narrative, i went back in time and started reading everything i have ever written.

The following is the first installment of “My favorite Comments” : A collection of some the best stuff i could find on the archive.

From June 2004 to Jan 2005.


“Your mouth blooms like a cut, sweet and full of sin. I prick myself on your thorns, and I bleed within”

“heya. confession accepted. you’ve been pardoned… but then, do all confessions deserve pardons?? some of them deserve more!!! or less. whatever. what am i saying? am i even saying anything??? ciao!”

totally leavin you yet another comment..because im gangstuh like that…and i wana try to break 20 so if u could..hit me back..thanx a bunch..


❤ becka

Looking at guys and girls pierced all over, dressed in semi-gothic outfits with freaky haircuts, they wondered what had brought humanity to a position like this where destruction was displayed like an act of beauty.

Different is never bad and maybe you need to acknowledge that a solitary life only lasts so long…whether you agree or not.

i was wonderin…what did u read?

Are you stupid and evil? If you are ignorant of natures harmonic time cube creation, then you were taught to be stupid and evil. Human Form God Is Impossible. Adult God is a Scam upon Children.

*insert lovely comment here*

The events you speak of aren’t random combustions.  They’re simply results of your chosen path.

Anyone can hate, hating eloquently is a different thing.

u have girls contradicting each other on ur xanga. my. what next??

this is to thank the self-centred egoistical bastard

The Commenters, in no particular order

Delia McQuay, Tia Mukherjee, Becka, Myself, Paloma, Sara(Zeitgeist_Sally),Malvika,Anonymous,PrincessPia,RKhessel,numbncomfortable.


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