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State of the Universe

Have you ever written one of those posts where everything you say in the beginning or in the middle is trying to appear suitable to whats written in the end?

Well, this would be a good time for you to scroll down and read the last line.

Done? Now think about it for a minute. Takes me back to what i said about Alex Turner a few posts ago. Never-mind.

Am i supposed to take stock of things now? Is this like that other moment, when you’re not about to die but your entire life still flashes before your eyes and you feel like its mocking you. Its a mindfuck, this feeling! Like listening to death metal on hash. Wow, i just made that reference. 

I am now the proud owner of the BB style. Irrelevant but important nonetheless. I need to be able to sport something once in a while, even if its just a stupid smartphone.

My site stats suggest i got a total of 531 visitors  in these past three months, which is less compared to 1342 visitors i got for the same period last year which is phenomenally less than the visits i used to get when i was still writing for Xanga.

At this point i’d like to throw open an opportunity for one lucky reader to come grab a drink with me, you can all enter into the contest by saying something witty.

What do you say about a day which starts with me writing this post while sitting at my office cubicle staring out at people who have no clue about who i am and whats in my past?

You call it your present and move on!

I have two meetings today and i hate the sun outside.

Watch The Wire long enough and you find yourself asking WWMD — What would McNulty do? —  every-time you find yourself in a predicament.

State of the universe, shit! A piece of my soul gets devoured by a hungry carnivore every-time i write a state of the universe post. Well, it was always going to be about this next line anyway so, *sigh*

About as subtle as an earthquake, i know – my mistakes were made for you.


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