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(oh!) Nostalgia

Inspired by this

I decided to do something slightly less innovative but just as much productive, given my self declared veteran status in the blogsphere.

Upon reading, notice how i have changed over time, From “…. my space comprising reason” in 2005   to           “…. never possibly be …… willing to live a life within reason”  in 2010.  Now, analyze!

Posts i wrote on or closest to 2nd of May (2005-2010)


TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2005


Everyone i know has an identity. It is what helps me to distuingish two people as individuals….even though they might share same values. I use this identification to classify communicate and delegate. In the course of the past week i have deleted two identities. When an identity is deleted it means they are gone leaving only a piece of their character somewhere in my memory, which is to be brought back only when they are thought of. I cannot say when i will think of them anymore…whenever i do, my memory will only present them as characters (not identities). I choose to identify. In the time to come i will delete many identities from my life following only rational steps to create my space comprising reason and devoid of faith.

My college administration sucks, our principals have changed and i have been fighting to release my magazine, a decision cannot be reached until a new principal takes his or her place, i am hoping it happens this week.Niki is doing great, hopefull her brother will leave soon and she’d be able to get back on. Chhaya called me up again asking me for help…she wants me to help her get a placement in the creative department of some advertising company for a month. Thats about it….

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2006

I have been offered to write two pages for a national magazine, they also asked me if i could manage their entire section for eastern India…..i said i was’nt too sure about the latter.

Tom Delonge makes my day!

I have fallen head over heels for “Angels and Airwaves”

You can’t preface your second point with “first of all.
MAY 05, 2008

Dont ask him why, or how or when?


Visiting mental institutions is not, unfortunately, the sort of activity that becomes easier with practice. Never mind that the grounds are well kept, never mind that the staff seem cheerful and friendly, the moment I set foot in the facility, a certain restlessness invariably takes hold.

“The hill looked green to me.”

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MAY 10, 2009
I hve a tendency to betray things that never existed in the first place.
MAY 3, 2010


“The IndiBlogger of the Month is awarded to a blogger who churns out great content, has a loyal fan base and who’s dedication is an inspiration to all IndiBloggers.”

Four wonderful people voted for me. The winner got 50. Bummer!

I could never win a contest that requires me to churn out anything. As for a fan base, I have those who don’t believe in loyalty or anything which necessitates consistency as a rule, I could never possibly be an inspiration to anyone willing to live a life within reason.

In all the spirit I could muster, however, I’d like to thank Indi for considering me as a valid applicant.



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  1. shreya ⋅

    Analysed. You’ve evolved and come to terms with your inability to escape chaos. Oh, and you’ve gotten an imaginary shrink.

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