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Something Corporate

My eyes hurt!
What is up with this place? Now, don’t get me wrong: If not less, then there are at least 3 fantastic people lurking around these cubicles corridors. Making sense of everything is overrated. i’d rather be at an obscure bar somewhere, downing a fifth of whiskey in a dirt-stained glass. I would be; Serious!

Forests, there’s an idea! Jungle, Wilderness, Wild, Willy Wonka, wtf?

Touch me again and i’ll strangle you with an extension cord and not in a good way.

Now my palms hurt. I could go on. This could never end. They could never know.

Make me a plum-cake. Now!

I think i am high on corporate air. In the end, its just like the blind man from the Korean movie said, “Sheba-nom, Sailor!”


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