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” What happened ? It’s been weeks since i last saw you ”

She appeared annoyed. Holding a quickly disappearing cigarette, i realized that i desperately needed an astray for my room.

” I’ve, I’ve changed. I think i have an alter ego. ” I stammered.

For those of you who know me from as long ago as Himalayan Academy, everyday on my way to and from school building, when on my own, i spoke to myself at length about who i was and what i wanted to be. I spent hours with myself trying to understand people and the things they did. I suppose you don’t understand, which i understand, is your problem.

” You have a what? ”

” Nothing, forget about it!”

For a fact, i knew she didn’t forget about it. Alex Turner is wise. I suppose this is irrelevant.

” My friend looks good in pink hair. ”

She seemed uninterested, i suppose this had something to do with me not telling her what she wanted to know.

” Which friend? ” She started.

” I don’t mean her whole hair is pink, just a shade of. ”

There i was wondering if this was real and if it was then i must surely be in some kind of trouble. I was.


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My past has a way of making my present feel jealous of the future.

2 responses to “Trouble

  1. Alice

    look at you and this blog! Gosh its so sexxy and so mature… love it… so have u been? its been ageeessss… 😀

    • Humbug

      It has been ages, i was under the impression that you’ve forgotten me.
      I am well and almost the same as you left me.
      How be you?

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