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There is about as little a doubt on whether i now possess a unique weltanschauung as there is in whether Vampires use excessive makeup.

If any of you were remotely aware of my abilities pertaining to the unraveling of human nature, you would concur that it was best if you had just shut the hell up and not encouraged it further. I have, however, taken this into consideration (which speaks volumes about my levels of generosity) and decided to let you off with a warning.

My problem is my untamed sense of humor and i see that now, which is to mean that i will solve it. Please refrain from figuring anything out of all this, if you’ve noticed anything at all , you’d know that I always use my blog and the words therein to speak directly to me and not to its readers. On the few instances that i have deviated from the above pattern, all requisite paperwork were presented.

All said and done, i win.


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My past has a way of making my present feel jealous of the future.