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If I don’t document this moment, I have this feeling that it will be lost.

Forget all the things that you own

And travel almost anywhere you can go.

She said; Show me the world inside your head, show me the world that your see yourself, you can use some help, for sometimes it comes with a shove.

Let’s start a riot; nobody’s right – nobody’s wrong.

Cause by design, its full of holes. It’s just one Epic Holiday.

Can one really feel difference? What do you know about love or friendship or betrayal. You’re just a heart with no body. All you do is beat.

Oh i know you well, all your life

I’ve felt you breathe, watched you lie across the seam

of space and time. I’d wait like snow on the eve of spring;

I can outlast cold, can you outlast me?


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My past has a way of making my present feel jealous of the future.