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Chapter 3 : Freedom

Okay, i get it. You want Gorkhaland.

How many times does a person have to read these three words before they fully understand that they want Gorkhaland.

Really impressive work with the slogans, everywhere, you have spared not one wall, not a single wall.

I appeal to the centre, give it to them already! I’ve not seen a more passionate request albeit backed by violence and agitation, in like forever. Hand to God, i haven’t.  There is a flag on every curve, and there are a lot of curves.

Darjeeling, despite the reviews, i like the mall, again, very very much. I’m at the Old (Main) Bellevue Hotel at the very edge of the mall.

Next time i’ll stay at the Dakeling.

There is this fantastic liquor store right in the middle of the mall.

Also, Darjeeling has successfully abandoned plastic bags. I’d give away Gorkhaland just for that.

More photos to i don’t know, visualize?

I’ll get back to whiskey now.


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  1. Ms.R.

    I’ll have the tequila please

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