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Chapter 2 : Steve and Gloria

I am not a nature person but i am very much a forest person.

Did that even make any sense?

Kalimpong is not cold at all, i’d rate it somewhere between lukewarm and inducing a single droplet of sweat kinda weather, also the place kinda makes me wanna think about things, which is good i suppose. Bear with me here for i am trying to sound like a traveler telling tales of travel but not quite.

Steve and Gloria are two Americans from DC who travel-blog. They look like they are in their forties but i could be wrong about that. They also have a lot of views on a lot of things. They like Kerala and North Bengal and have been spending their so far three-month long vacation sight-seeing all that is beautiful. Steve likes to farm orchids which is well because Holumba Haven is just the place for your average orchid lover.

This is my second time here which should tell you that i like place very much. I’ll now post pictures to this effect.

Steve, Gloria and I spent the latter part of the afternoon discussing an array of topics like political turmoil in the hills, technology integrated education in schools and even pollution control.

And now i’m going to have to see them again for dinner.

My room looks electricity deprived under this lighting but that’s probably what makes this so much more beautiful.


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  1. shreya ⋅

    the pictures look good,especially the last one..seems like a wonderful place..

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