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Chapter I : the leaving

Okay, so – there are just so many ways in which i can start this story but i am gonna go with;

I like speed. Not in the traditional sense of-course and since “God hates us all” is just as good, the race for me lies in making it to the station in time for the 10:05 Darjeeling Mail coach number B6 berth number 32.

See you there?

Having packed my entirely unprofessional hiking bag to the brim, and having loaded my iPod with everything from FOB to Joplin, notforgetting Rammstein or even Hendrix, i am ready to embark upon this journey through the ever-industrializing plains of Bengal to the never-agitating hills of Bengal, all in over 15 hours from now.  With the exception of an appendage which generously cushions my laptop, i look in the least like a man on a business tour and exceedingly like someone about to conquer Woodstock.

I spent the last two hours watching this thing and damn do i feel good?

Ready or Not : here i come.


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