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Help a Child and Help Yourself

This is perhaps a time as good as any other to write an issue post! Nobody ever seems to notice anything under normal circumstances. So what if our education system is in a mess? It’s not likely to change anytime soon.

I went to a school today. They have two hundred and twenty kids in all paying less than ten rupees a month for an education with far greater value than in the schools you and i went to. I suppose you don’t care about things like that; what good can a place like that do anyway?

I met a man today. He pointed out, among several other things, how teaching is never encouraged as a career in this country. Well ordained advertisements about a lucrative MBA, the traditional benefits of becoming a doctor, fast paced life of an IT professional but never a teacher. Ironic how only this morning i found myself expressing my distrust in a pedagogue collective only to find myself soaking up their wisdom in the afternoon.

I saw a boy today. He had troubled legs that had a habit of giving away too quickly, so they built a machine around it. It made things complicated but when has that bothered anyone? “They say i have special needs,” said the boy but I doubt anyone else heard it or perhaps he was just talking to me. If you’ve told a child a thousand times and he still doesn’t understand, then it is not the child who is the slow learner.

I heard a voice today. No matter what it is that your thinking right now, you know you’ve heard them too. The voice thats always telling you that you want to care but there’s always something more important for you do than listen to it. Yes, that one. It told me to get my shit together because there’s very little time left and that things were about to change, for me.

Help is enough.


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