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I wrote my first blog post in June of 2004.

With well over 5 years of experience as a blogger having witnessed everything from Google acquiring Blogger to importing of entries to Facebook, I find that the time is just about right to announce my resignation from bloggerdom.

Seriously, How many of you did that last sentence fool? Show of hands!

Another Christmas, Another Year. 2010. Time to make resolutions?

I broke every single resolution i made last year, which should tell you so much about my interest in keeping any at all. However, *sigh*

(in no specific order)

1. Continue hating Vandana – For all those reading this on Facebook who also happen to know who Vandana is, Now’s the time to go – “Not Again!”

2. Drink Less.

3. No….Seriously, Drink Less.

4. Save – Aside from Tigers, Trees and the Planet, If there’s room, then money.

5. Change – just a little bit. i could be wasting my time on this one.

Somehow it’s reassuring, knowing i’m not the only one pretending to be normal. The problem with acting normal is that normal people get into stupid situations.


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  1. shreya ⋅

    4 and 5 figure on my list too..i always resolve to be less cynical every year, but I fail miserably at that..just like I do with all my resolutions!

    hi there!

  2. shreya ⋅

    you know my URL.. my username but changing the whole thing will be much more tedious)
    read your comment a few days ago and found your blog.
    btw, you won’t find that ‘list’ there..i only gave away two( of the many gazillion) resolutions..the rest aren’t that interesting for blog material so i didn’t inflict them on society..

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