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The other day someone told me that Cuban cigars were considered exotic because they were apparently and i quote, rolled on the legs of beautiful virgin ladies.

I downloaded pirated copies of the new Flyleaf and Robbie Williams album.

There is quite simply nothing worse than having an elephant in the room. Except perhaps flogging a dead horse, but thats another matter.

I can only try to help and i am, perhaps this is all my fault, as usual. It is not fair to ask a person to see light in a world that you made dark in the first place. But…there’s light!

I can only listen!

Alpha-dog or Omega-lomaniac? Who gives a shit? When the fat lady sings I’ll be the one holding the lawnmower to her foot.

I’ll leave it at there’s only so many cigars you can roll on a lady before she loses her virginity.


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  1. Hmmm…I wonder what poor virgin men [if there’s any of this kind] in cuba have to say or think about it?

    Hmmm hmmmm

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