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The Woman who tries out penis’ for size.

This will be interesting. I am tempted to go back to writing in my old cryptic ways, for once, in a very long time there comes a subject worthy of discussion in the only way i know it deserves; cruelty.

Think of it what you will and i’ve said this before, things that aren’t particularly of no interest to me are those that aren’t naturally accepted as interesting. I am different, this could get old. This is old.

I could fake anything, tears especially. They come in very handy. Secrets are often italicized, or are they better off in bold? Who am i to judge?

I am not a fan of short sentences but sometimes *sigh* Sometimes sentences have to be left where they are, incomplete, unclear, irritated. It is an assault on my memory; to think of a day when everything  just fell right into place – there is no such a day it does not exist. No strike that – cannot exist. It is not in my nature to be perfect neither is it an advantage i desire.

She is trying penis’ on for size, wait till its perfect. She wants/craves/needs perfect. They all do, every single one of them.


In the end, Fuck, in the end you wont know a good thing even if it came up and slit your throat.


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  1. rocksea

    the right seeds to be picked through those jeans pouches, and sown. it is in the genes.

    read it like a poem.

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