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Double Platinum

It all started when Patrick Stump uttered the following words from his buccal cavity, “wishing to be the friction in your jeans” was never meant to be taken very seriously by my brain but somewhere along the very thin and dimly lit line, i took it – seriously. This changed a lot of things.

Firstly, i stopped being Rahul. What is Rahul but merely a name, the name of a phenomena, a habit, a bad habit. One i had to quit, rather quickly i might add.
The comma, not the butterfly, which i seem to use more often in writing is a very powerful tool, in my opinion, can be used to separate things while keeping the sentence together in one beautiful yet powerful union. Beauty is sensitive, take the comma for example, the nymphalis c-album is a beautiful butterfly and butterflies are sensitive creatures. My point is when Patrick Stump realised that he had created a language which could grow on a person and take its own shape and form, he failed to comprehend its effects on the individuals whose ears would subsequently fall prey to his creation.

Secondly, and i am forced to employ the word since i already used firstly, the point of everything in life is to evolve. I have evolved. Thats about all the use i can find for secondly. So i’ll directly skip to thirdly.

Thirdly, and i have said this before, my life is one with a high turnover rate. I cannot be expected to keep track of all the various expectations i destroy on a day to day basis. Its unfair. A lot of things in life are unfair, I’m not, I try to strike a balance, follow the code – like Dexter. I truly believe that Ryan Reynolds can act and Mark Harmon is stunningly good looking for his age. As for unfair, Kelli Williams deserves more than a lazy half-ass incomplete page on wikipedia and the song Footballer’s wife should actually get more credit than people actually care to give it.

There, i said it! I feel so much better having vented all my frustrations upon this..this.. page (for lack of a better word.)

Im done hiding .


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