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Chapter 1:

I feel as though I ought to step aside and afford the angel-maker a shot at eternal bliss. Or at least a lovely bus ride and a cooking invitation at/with my girlfriend(s) followed by some quick paperwork and lingering bitterness. She is next in line, if the less-slowly-than-is-strictly-necessary emerging pattern is to be believed.

How many adverbs did that last sentence employ?

Chapter 2:

They’re happy, i hope – and beyond that there is, of course, no way of knowing. That word is subjected to such abuse whenever a wedding is imminent…

An engagement at the Hyatt and a wedding at the Park certainly warrants happy.

Am I happy for them? I want them to be happy. I’d like nothing more than for them to live happily ever after. This is the point at which the definition of “happy” becomes…well, I suspect I’m the sort of person who would require a dictionary to figure it out in the first place. And I’d use one, but including citations at the end of one’s private musings regarding marriage brings one’s sincerity into question.

I can’t ever simply write these. I have to involve citations.

Koel’s wedding was quite possibly–she would say undoubtedly–the nicest thing that God could have ever designed for her. It was the happiest id ever seen her.

I have to accompany her in a few days to meet the lawyer in charge of finalizing her divorce.
I didn’t want to speak of this.

There’s a difficult sentence to follow. I did speak of this, of course; my propensity for speaking out of turn is a matter of record.

I told her this was the best thing that could ever have happened to her. She proceeded to make me swear an oath not to employ sarcasm for the remainder of the night, and I’m no longer certain she was kidding. I described to her how lovely she looked and she promised I’d be the first one called in the event of a divorce. In retrospect, that’s not very funny either.

Chapter 3:

My school looked beautiful. It was only after i came back to the hotel that i realized how much i had missed it.

Almost everyone vomited that night. i wish i had too. I’m given to hyperbole when drunk.

I met the wife killer on a motorbike no less. I liked the wife very much. I hate the wife killer.

I met Sougata, OMFG.


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