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Well, I didn’t delete it, but I didn’t read it either.

I’m really good at things like that.


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My past has a way of making my present feel jealous of the future.

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  1. R ⋅

    Didn’t do what to what ?

  2. pooja ⋅

    when you leavin for the trip?tried sendin you a bday msg…dont think you got that 😦 so when are you online?

  3. Antara ⋅

    Thanks 4 commenting on my post 🙂 Though I took a bit too long to reciprocate…its b’coz of one of those “changing phases” in my life…
    But all of a sudden I seem to connect with your words.. suddenly life comes to a standstill..I guess its something which u realize out of maturity ..after all it takes a while to reach back to the place where you had left things 🙂

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