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This isn’t my dream occupation. Yes, I know everyone else thinks it is, but gaining unsuspecting hollow victories by means of questionable tactics and virtually comprehensive knowledge of procedures I myself don’t follow is my passion in life. I love what I do.

In all seriousness…shouldn’t there be more to that sentence? This isn’t my dream occupation because..?

If you’d asked me when I was ten? A policeman. I was recently warded off by a policeman outside the Russian consulate for trying to video it for a news story. Such is life.

It seems redundant to dream of occupations at this point. There’s no unknown, glamorous adult world for me to dream of entering anymore. A dream should seem at least remotely attainable, and frankly, if I’d really desired another occupation I’d have done a better job of getting myself arrested in front of the Russian consulate.

And I think there are better things to occupy one’s dreams.

Business, there’s a thought. One i haven’t completely abandoned. I probably never will.

Although…if it’s not too late, I confess there is a certain appeal to being a wildlife correspondent on Animal Planet.


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  1. mahua

    wildlife correspondent!!! that sounds exciting! 🙂 i wanna come along as well… please.

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