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I was away for a while
But I’m hoping someday you’ll forgive me
Though I don’t deserve it
I’ll cherish it well if you give me one of your new starts

Just one more last chance
I swear that I’ll earn it
If you front me for now
I’m good for it I swear
I’m better now I swear

In earlier days, they’d persecute people
They’d carry them off, and hobble their legs
For lesser offenses, than how I have harmed you
And still you allow me to walk free of pain

Though I punish myself
I will never settle
The debts I’ve incurred for scorning the face
Of absolute beauty, and measureless grace
And though I once mocked you
I’m dying to pay for it now
I’m dying to pay for it now

So hand me the rocks to help weigh me down
And tether my legs with a cord tightly bound
To the end of an anchor thrown into the sound
And test me to see if I will rise against the worst that it can get

I wasn’t well for a while
I savored the things that I knew were sure to destroy me
And that seemed to hold me
That seemed to carry me where I couldn’t go
On the strength of my own
Well, I should’ve known
That gets me nowhere
I’ve learned that now I swear 

Well, I wasn’t sure that I could
But, I can !


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My past has a way of making my present feel jealous of the future.