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I was tempted to quote some Shakespeare, but I suspect he’d never forgive me. And I try not to offend the dead.

I am, however, fond of this.

Irish bull (EYE-rish bul) noun

A statement lacking all sense of melody, whatsoever!

“Man found dead in graveyard.”

 I feel neither better nor worse. Rested, though. That must be a good thing.

I probably shouldn’t have asked myself that question. It’s not something I ever could have done. If worst comes to worst I’ll walk around a less than desirable district and hope that someone knocks me out in order to steal my shoes, but I won’t ask myself again.

Some Penorub okay i meant to say Dettol and some water and then I’m on my way.

Oh, Radio news recording BBC style, today. I hope I’m not…*snort* myself, really. But I think that’s a little too much to ask.


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