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It’s warm. The light, sophisticated kind that makes you sweat even with the air-condition on, but warm nonetheless. I’m not really sure if you know what im talking about but for now,I live in fear of the five-day forecast.

As usual, the pleasures of a local train journey with classmates entertained for only so long until the ride degenerated into a series of intervals between the checking of my watch. Although we were treated to a screening of one screaming beggar woman. Review to come later.

The lunch and the scheduled visit to the Bandel Church was lovely. We had a perpetually good-natured host, lunch constituting of two types of fish, chicken and fried rice, a comfortable mattress…if we stayed any longer than we planned to, I’d stand in danger of an improved disposition. Were it not for the time change.

The time change. I would not advocate staying up all night, even under the best of circumstances. Circumstances were very good, but it’s not an experience I wish to repeat.

Anyway, things went well. I was equipped with my list of sights to see and people to make purchases for. I did neither. I was determined not to be permanently exiled from that village; so far so good.

It isn’t any of my business. your personal life is your concern and I’m quite possibly the last person who should be passing judgment on this sort of thing…

Forget it. They offered me a bribe. How unthinkably callous…What would have changed? What would make this right? I doubt they even know…

It’s none of my business, thank God.

None of my business aside from the fact that you won’t eat or leave your bed.

Whoever ends up paying for this, it isn’t going to be them. That would be too fair.

I give up That isn’t an option, is it?


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