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Sometimes I have to stop myself from wondering if I made that story up. 6th grade, that’s years ago. Years. Why should I have retained this…memory of the first day? It’s very vivid, like a scene from a film. The color’s probably oversaturated, too.

I never had any sort of imaginary friend as a child, except…I might have.

Alright, so thats a lie!

Or maybe this is my attempt at some sort of tidy justification so I can move on. If so, I wish it would work.

I know I didn’t lose her. I left. I couldn’t very well have stayed, but now I doubt I’ll ever return to that world.Life. Someone might recognize me.

What was it that I lost? She was a friend. My best friend, but isn’t that just a phrase children throw around?

I can’t think of a thing to regret aside from the fact that Mrs Mitra’s dead, and yet I do.

I think I still love her.


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