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According to studies at Harvard… you’ve heard of Harvard? Obesity can spread like a contagious disease. according to the Harvard studies the social influence of fat people can be just as damaging as genetics.

Fat people are discriminated against, unfairly and pervasively. It is unforgivable to judge somebody on physical appearance alone. Especially in the workplace. But when i called her fatty fatty bum bum in class i was not altogether wrong. In fact more people should draw a harder line on obesity. Yes. Because it doesn’t just go to looks. This goes to a serious…health issue.

And frankly it’s inexcusable. An Extrapolated Prevalence of obesity in India amounts to about 155,844,889  people. It’s one of the leading causes of death in this country. The health care costs run about several hundred crores of rupees a year. And we just keep eating and eating and eating.   Look at me. Look…

The fast food companies keep proliferating. Portions sizes keep getting bigger and bigger. Candy bars and soft drinks. And we keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter, as if it’s not killing us! And it is! And given this new study at Harvard, maybe what I did wasn’t altogether out of line. Simply having fat friends can triple your risk of becoming obese. If this is true,  If obesity is contagious through social networking, then maybe its everyone’s duty to weed out the heifers! And maybe it’s about time to put aside our inflated sense of political correctness and practice a little tough love with our friends and families.

 Say to a loved one, “You’re fat!” Tell a friend, “You look like a hippo. On the verge of a heart attack.”   Shock them into going on diets, not just to save themselves, but possibly their friends and coworkers.

Thats all I was trying to say, Really!


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