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the fourth estate?

 “So if you’re half-Arab and half-Jewish do you negotiate with the sheep before having sexual relations with them?”

Howard Stern asked that on the air. Okay, so i am guessing that shocked you.

Uh, Glenn Beck—he’s on CNN, “The most trusted name in news”—he’s referred to the Katrina survivors as a vulgarity I’m not very keen on repeating here. He also said he didn’t think it possible to hate any victims faster than the 9-11 victims.

Journalists like these are everywhere; and frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing most of them gone.A press—a free press—has always been vital to a democracy. Not just when they serve the bottom line, but perhaps especially when it doesn’t. Reporters actually lost their jobs for criticizing the war. Thirty-five percent of today’s journalists say newsworthy stories are sometimes shunned if they’ll hurt the financial interests of their news organizations!

And the press in our country isn’t even free

I atteneded this thing a few days ago where Rajdeep Sardesai was a guest speaker. The only thing i managed to retain from his 25 minute speech was the line “the things people have told us off the record.”

I wonder how many things are said off the record that we dont know about.

Just a year and a half more, just a year and a half.


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